Reunion 2000 Listing
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These folks have indicated that they plan on attending.

Name   Accompanying   Dinner checks received
by Carl Weber
(May 3 deadline!)
Pat Arko crew, '79-'83     $$
Don Basham crew, '70-'75 Yuko wife $$
Ken Bernhardt crew Kathy wife $$
Jon Blomberg crew, '68-'72 $$
Ron Castonguay crew, '69-'74 Babette wife $$
Angelo Christiano crew, '71-'75 Mary Ann wife $$
Glenn Dean crew, '68-'72      
Les Dionne crew, '71-'75 Diane wife $$
Andrew Elnicki crew, '68-'71     $$
Richard Fiske crew, '69-'71     $$
Jack Ford Lt., '68-'71      
Jim Gabarra crew, '72-'75 Janet wife $$
John Geltz crew, '85-'88 Elizabeth wife $$
Ed Gibbons crew (320 & 667) !! Lil wife $$
Jim Gray crew, '71-'76      
Vernon Grubb crew, '70      
Glenn Hanson crew, '68-'70 Marion wife $$
Tom Harrington crew, '70-'73 Rick brother $$
Mike Hedgecock crew, '87-'88 Judy wife $$
Peter Juhos crew, .78-'83   coming from Saudi Arabia! $$
Mark Lensch crew, '78-'81 Danis wife $$
Nick Lewis crew, '78-'82 Tina wife $$
John Lynn crew, '68-'70 Pat wife $$
Richard Mahler crew, '81-'85 Sandra wife $$
Robert McClaren crew, '68-     $$
Harry Miller crew, '80-'83 Terri wife $$
Jeff Moreau crew, '79-'83 Dominic, Madeline son, daughter $$
John Mosticone crew, '68-'71  Barbara wife $$
Pat Murphy crew, '69-'72     $$
Brad Nelson crew, '88-'91     $$
David Olson crew, '72-'75     $$
Wayne Owings crew, '86-'90 Shari wife  
Rockwell (Rock) Radasch crew, '68-'69     $$
Stanley Rustick crew, '75-'78      
Winfield Scanlon crew, '82-'84      
Mike Sobkowski crew, '72-'77 Cindy wife $$
Dave Stephens crew, '69-'70      
B. F. Tally CO, 68-'73      
Zane Thomas crew, '77-'80      
Norman Thompson  crew, '68-'70     $$
Mike Trossen crew, '78-'81      
Bob Vandervliet crew, '71-'75 Connie Christensen friend $$
Mike Ward crew, '68-'70     $$
Ray Wyatt CO, '73-'76 Karen wife $$

This should be a good time to bring up those stories and memories.

"Can't Make It" Last minute problems precluded a few guys
Tommy Cox Too many reunions to make this one. The one for Lapon is a must for me. It's my qual boat.
Adam Dijkman You will have to color me absent. Hope it will be a good one for all those that make it.
Bruce Follet Got work contracted for that time.
Mike Fuerlein Gotta Be in Hawaii for work (somebody has to), take care and say Hi to everyone for me.
Winfield Scanlon Gotta fly to San Diego for work on an LSD, maybe next time!