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The 2004 USS Bergall Reunion in Saratoga Springs, NY !

Friday was set for the great Bergall Golf Match... and in answer, the sky looked like this...

The group was Carl Weber, Chuck Kennedy, Dick Fiske, Pat Murphy, Tom Stratton, Jesse Hopper and a friend ?

Chuck said they would tee off and it would start to sprinkle so they would go down to get their balls and it would stop so they would continue.  As you would swing it would start to sprinkle so they figured they would get their balls and call it off but then the rain would stop... and on and on like that... but they played!    Golfers do that, you know!  Who won?   We never did find out.   Our bet is on the beverage girl.

From Dick:
Golf results he asks. Suffice it to say No wild life were injured in the round and none of us lost our balls. Now, getting a wee bit soaked is a different story. After a while I thought I was living back in Scotland. Rachel in the pictures is one of the Beer cart girls, so now you know why we went to have a nice warm bowl of soup and stayed a couple of hours. We played at Saratoga State Park Championship Golf Course. Golfers were Chuck Kennedy, Carl Weber and a civilian named Frank in the first foursome, Jessie Hooper, Pat Murphy, Tom Stratton and Ed Feury, an S5G Nuc School friend of Tom's in the second flight.   I don't understand, Chuck and Carl felt it prudent to head back to their rooms to change out of wet clothes vice have soup with the rest of the young sailors. As you can tell by the photos, Frank didn't join us.

At the 19th Tee... Dick, Pat, Tom, Jesse and Tom's friend, Ed Feury.

Rachel, Tom and Jesse.

Tom performs magic and makes Jesse's drink disappear?

Dick Fiske, Rachel, Pat Murphy, Tom Stratton and Jesse Hopper.

It looks like Rachel found Pat speechless.

Ed finds a golf friend...

With a dandy smile and attitude.

Back at the "ranch" we found a way to stay dry...

Helen and Mike Eggleston enjoy a joke by Don Basham as Angelo and Sy join in.

Barb Mosticone and Carol Elnicki, just back from a freebee run, while Don Basham and Mac and Anne McConnell discuss crap and Andy Elnicki stays clear.

The love birds... again?

Don checks in while Jessica's husband listens in to Sid, Nathan and Jessica.

Barb takes a minute to e-mail her friends to say how much fun it's been.   The girls figured out that the organizations downstairs had lots of freebees and came back with bags of goodies (trinkets and dust collectors) and then got so excited over free stuff that they made another run.   Then Anne figured out what was going on and because there was ONE that didn't get some... they all made another run... they even brought a "second bag" for the webmaster's wife, Stephanie who couldn't make it.   But she did supply a couple batches of homemade cookies on the table!

Barb and Carol show off their free watches... they were free but they weren't Rolex.

Mac and Anne have a nice moment amidst the nuts.

John Mosticone, Andy Elnicki and Mary Anne Christiano join the fray.

Friday wound down to a fine evening of friends.   From front left... Anne McConnell, Tom Simone (her brother), Mac McConnell, Jim Gray, Chuck Kennedy, Don Basham, Pat Murphy, Angelo and Mary Anne Christiano and Marion Hanson.

Anne McConnell, her brother Tom Simone, Mac listen as Jim Gray spins one up.

Later that night a few of our intrepid guys took time to visit a local "pub"... it didn't take long for Tom to find there were women there...

Sy, Tom and a new found friend.

Sy, Tom and a new found friend... poor Tom is really suffering.

Tom must be good at math... he's making friends multiply!

Always generous, Tom leaves the table to the "guys" so he can hold down "his" end of the bar...

Waving "Old Glory" used to work... but would it still work?

Hey... Tom wasn't born yesterday...

It looks like a full table of friends and a glorious way to end an evening.

Vicious rumor said a few other of our guys also made an outing of it and ole Sid pulled a stunt or two that almost got them thrown out... a fine Bergall tradition, and had to pull out his, "Hey, I'm just a very old man and don't know what I'm doing.", trick.   Anyone that sees that twinkle in his eye KNOWS better... but just what the hell ya going to do besides defend him on one hand and encourage with the other?  Some of these "kids" are going to have to start picking up the slack... not one 667 guy was threatened with being tossed... what's up with that?

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The 2004 USS Bergall Reunion in Saratoga Springs, NY !

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