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Calling All USS Bergall Crew, Family and Friends!

There's a reunion underway September 15-19, 2004 in Saratoga Springs, NY!
Make this a reunion to remember... get off your butt and get with your friends!
Look who's on the LIST! (check it for friends attending!)

 The Bergall Associationís 2004 Reunion is being held this year in Saratoga Springs, NY in conjunction with the Annual USSVI Convention September 15-19, 2004. We, again, have a Hospitality Suite, located in room 458 at the Prime Hotel, the Convention Home Site.

Bergall Association Meeting:
Thursday, 9/16   10 am   at the hospitality suite (room 458) at the Prime Hotel.

Wanna Play Golf with fellow Bergall Golf Pros?
Dick Fiske, Pat Murphy and Tom Stratton are looking for a fourth or fifth or... to golf on either the 15th, 16th, or 17th.
These hackers may take days to complete the front nine... On Friday, Carl and Marge Weber are going to show these guys how it's done... it should be a great show!   Come on out!!!   If you can't hit the ball don't worry... neither can we... but we sure have fun threatening the darned thing and the squirrels, birds and fellow golfers and...!
SIGN UP for the infamous, widely reported, 1st Annual Bergall Skins Game

We hope you will join us for another year of sea stories from the Ď40s, 50s, 60s, Ď70s, '80s and '90s and honest to God truths that wives just donít seem to believe.       Don Basham, President-Bergall Association.

For Convention information and registration, see the bottom of the page!!!

WHEN: September 15-19, 2004
Toll Free: 866-937-7746
Local: 518-584-4000
The Bergall Hospitality Suite is at the Prime Hotel, room 458.
Come and enjoy your friends at our "new crew's mess"...
Sodas, Snacks, Beer and Booze will be found... if you are particular, bring your own... and we'll share it with ya!
WHO: All officers and crew of the Bergall of any era, families and friends.
Families and friends of Shipmates who are "resting their oars" are also warmly welcome.
REUNION DINNER: September 16

Cocktails scheduled for 6:00 - 7:00pm

Dinner Buffet scheduled for 7:00pm  

Sea Stories: Will commence on arrival and will last... until the last man leaves.

DINNER MENU: Buffet   Pick one main entree:
Grilled NY Strip Steak
Grilled Boneless Lemon Pepper Chicken Breast
High Rock BBQ Ribs
COST FOR DINNER: $40.00 per person
Suite 458
Prime Hotel, Saratoga Springs, NY
(518) 584-4000

From the convention folks...

US Submarine Convention and Boat Reunions   Saratoga Springs, New York   September 14-19,2004

We are busy preparing for what we hope will be the most memorable USSVI gathering ever. Make your plans today for this year's convention! Hotels are filling up fast. There are still rooms at and near the Holiday Inn (Holiday Inn, the Springs, The Carriage House Inn, Grand Union Motel and the Hilton Garden Inn) and near the Prime Hotel (Marriott Courtyard and Saratoga Arms Bed & Breakfast). See our website's Hotel List for more information.

The New London Submarine Base trip on Thursday September 16th has been expanded, but only one busload is allowed. The trip now leaves at 5:45 AM and returns at 9:30 PM. Added to the Sub school Graduation and tour of the school, you will tour the Nautilus and Submarine Museum and eat dinner at the Groton Base Sub Vets Clubhouse. See the trip page on our website for details. Please note that if you are going on this trip, you will miss the Lake George Boat Ride and Dinner Thursday evening.

Don't forget: the U.S. Navy Band will play in a parade just for you during this year's convention!

Things to do in and around Saratoga:
We are adding much more information about nearby attractions.
Check our website frequently for changes.

Attractions on the SubVet Shuttle line
(1 mile Sub Vets Shuttle runs every 20 minutes. Pickup and drop-off at designated corners and hotels.)

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