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Dick didn't go on the cruise but went further north with the Simonson's to their house.
Along the way hewas able to shoot a nice picture of a cruise ship in the distance...
Picture taken from Jamestown Beach, Dungeness Bay, Sequim, WA

On closer inspection, he was watching his friends on the USSVI Alaska Cruise ship passing...
Holland America Cruise Line "Oosterdam"

Si, Dick and Robbie at the Simonson's home in East Bremerton, WA.

Lake Cresent, WA

Salmon Cleaning in Sekiu, WA, 1st day of Salmon season!

Hunter in Sekiu, WA

Last break in clouds at Carrie Glacier, Olympic National Park

A closer look... just majestic.

From those that WENT on the cruise, main photos from Don Basham and Patti Lynn

Mac, Don, Patti, Anne and Carol gather for boarding.

As they head out, a wonderful Seattle skyline trails.

Further out and gaining speed...

Don even centered with the Space Needle in the shot.

The further northern shore.

Yuko grabs some fresh air on deck.

Down below, Andy and Carol getting ready for a meal.

Don and Yuko round out the table.

Don and Yuko pose.

The cruise ship had a wonderful ice sculpture of the sailor's proud dolphins.

Don, Mac, Andy, Mike and John... on the "boys" side

Barb, Cindy, Carol and Anne on the "better half" side.

The whole table.

Just relaxing... Anne, Don and Yuko.

Yuko amid the subtle sourrounding on the ship.

Jon, Barb, Anne, Don, Mac and John are STILL eating?

Anne and Yuko in the lounge.

The Mosticones.

Don, Jon and John.

Anne, Barb, Cindy, Mike and Yuko relax.

The ship approaches the Hubbard Glacier.

A little closer... but the distance does no justice to the height of that monster.

Patti Lynn took this shot during the Alaska cruise.   The Hubbard Glacier

Leaving it behind, on to more adventures and fun...

Jon, Don and Mac ADMIRE Don's meal.

Anne joins in... will Don ever get to finish?

Yuko and Jon take a moment.

Here's a shot of the "boys"...
Back row, L-R; Andy, Mac, Jack, John, Jon, Mike and Don
Front row; Charles Brown, ? Compton
, Ken Caye and Charlie.

The ladies join, Anne, Ruth, Patti and Yuko.

Charles Brown, ? Compton, Ken Caye and Charlie.

Another relaxing moment with Don, Jack, Jon, Anne and Andy.

Then Patti caught a shot of the Mendenhall Glacier.

The ship pulled in to a few spots...

Yes, some levels on the ship WERE that high up....

Quaint downtown life...

A collection of old and new...

Another dinner aboard.

The settings are certainly friendly.

And a wonderful birthday cake for ??

The dinner continues...

Modern architecture and new businesses.

and old culture right in the middle...

The unique next to traditional...

Back in Seattle.

A better pan of the area.

The cruise ship shows the size of the area.

Some interesting art.

The ship gives good "scale" to the docks and cranes.

After the cruise John and Patti got to go out to the "Fin Project", a major environmentally-scaled
sculptural installation on the west shore of Lake Washington. Located on the north loop trail of
Warren G. Magnuson Park, the Fin Project is built from the recycled diving plane fins from 22
decommissioned 1960ís United States Navy attack submarines.   And John found the two
from the USS Bergall that are mounted there.

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We're done for another year... but next year, feel welcome, barge right in...

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