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Page 2 of the 2008 Reunion


With plans for a river cruise for lunch... first they had to get up and about.
Well Abe is up...

Down at the wharf are a few historical plaques...

The ole paddle wheel comes into sight.

I suppose the slogan is appropriate.

But her name is the Belle of Louisville.

3 stories of fun.

The bow affords some real nice views.

A nice side shot of her wheel house and funnels.

Abe says "he's" ready...

John and Pat take a break, waiting for loading time.

John poses.

Mike and John are watching the girls?

Barb admires Andy?   She's really talking to Carol behind him!

Helen found a secure spot.

Helen, Barb and Anne wonder where the boys are off to.

Heck, they just secured "their" resting spot... and Carol is hiding?

John Huszai, Barb Mosticone, Mac and Anne McConnell with Mike and Helen Eggleston.

Looks like the kids are getting restless...
Abe, Andy, John, John, Pat, Carol and Patti.

Sounds like they are starting things up...

John will ALWAYS lean in for her kisses and hugs!
(smart man!)

The animals are definitely getting restless.
It just wouldn't be a reunion without a few of these of Carol...

A smaller ferry plies the trade.

Finally down for lunch.
Abe, Dick, John and Pat

A cross shot shows John opposite Mac and Anne.

Pat, Mike and Helen talking to Mac.
I'll bet the engine don't use those smokestacks, huh Mike?

Carol and John grab a moment.

Barb and Abe enjoy the breeze.

Andy and John support a rail.

And John figured those chairs are useful.

Pat comes by for a chat.

Before wandering up to the top.

With a head of steam and a freshening breeze, they are off...

A real nice view of Louisville skyline as they depart.

As Louisville slips into the distance, we say hello to another adventure...
(would someone slap the narrator?)

This gives you a good prospective of the width of the Ohio River.

Here's a stately place!

That sign on the small building (center) notes the high water mark from the 1937 flood.

A couple substantial buildings!

A typical tug pushes a barge along.

There's actually a LOT of ship building in this area.  This is the Jeff Boat Yards, largest inland
boat yards in the US. Located in Jeffersonville, IN. They build tug boats, river barges,
and the river gambling boats. During WW II they built landing craft, and small boats.

AS we got closer we could see more of the operations.

You can see the "ways" they build and launch on... also used to outhaul for repairs.

And there's ALWAYS the dragline or five to deal with the tasks needed.

Must be new construction?
Or that railroad has the shortest run in history

Yep, it rather ends there.

There were quite a few stately homes along the way... This is "Duffy's Landing".

Some just a bit "bigger" than the others.

And some just "smelled" of southern style.

Coming back in, we again greeted to the view of Louisville.

Hmmm, you don't see THAT everyday.

Ahhh, that must be the guys heading to the Louisville Slugger Museum.

Paul Bunyan must have left it here.

And he left his mitt... but Pat, Carol and Andy will keep it warm for him.

There's a LOT of history to these famous bats.

Even Andy wants to knock it out of the park...
Andy's so big he makes that bat look TINY!

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