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After the graduation we split off in two groups for our base tour, starting with sub simulators for us.
Hmmm, we must be getting close.

First we played "live fire" with air driven M-16s and 9mm pistols.
It's surprising how good the females in our group were... and where they got most of their hits!  There
were a few good head shots but an amazing number were solid groin shots!   It was commented that
those hits were not lethal... maybe not but you know the running away option is removed.

It started with weapon orientation... M-16 and 9mm pistols... what fun...

And our group had some willing participants.

With "shooters" standing ready, last minute talks are made.

The interactive screen starts up and the "scene" unfolds with Pat Murphy and Doug Riels armed and ready..

The next willing participants reload and prepare.

Then it was on to the sub simulators... we get our initial orientation...

Our group gets the low down on the difference between Virginia class and 668 class boats.

more of the group.

The initial view of the Virginia simulator, the drive system.

Inside, guys start to get familiar and John Lynn gets ready to take position.

The instructor gets us closer to "play time".
We got to see lots of indicators but mostly it was all touch screen!
With joystick control, there's quad redundancy to relieve the burden on the crew.

With most of the initial talks done... it's time to put these bad boys to the test!
They started with simulating surfaced sea action off Holy Lock, Scottland... to say that trainer shook
and twisted is an understatement, one of our boys had the floor walk right out from under him!

Then we moved down the hall to the 688 trainer... boy, look at all of the "old" gauges and wheels!

With lights, knobs and switches instead of touch screens...

Some last minute advice before they go "live" With Helen Eggleston and Tom Stratton at the wheels...

Helen Eggleston gathers info on how to use her station.

we got to see some base readings before it went "live" and cameras had to be shut down.

The 668 trainer could take some mean down angles.

It's hard to tell but they are in a steep dive.

Which quickly changed to a bow rising situation.

Then it was time for lunch at the main galley..

Typical chow hall except they had some REALLY good food and a marvelous selection.
Jonesy, Lyle, Pat and Doug.

And by the time lunch was over, the rain started REALLY coming down.  Perfect timing!

From there we boarded the bus and dropped over to the Nautilus Museum where we enjoyed a nice
film about the SOSUS system and were able to view the many nice exhibits.   Here I took a special
shot of the X-1 as she was, one time, berthed near the SS 320 for a bit of her trials.

as the plaque states.

Mark Smetana in front of a display of his favorite maneuver?

This picture tore at a few hearts as they went by.

Even a nice display of the MK-48.

And an old MK-14!

And a nice cut-away of a fast attack.

And the business end of the infamous Trident.

Pat and Doug take a moment.

And Doug and Jonesy

Ger and Ben

Again, straddling the plaques for the Nautilus.

The Nautilus screw on display.

ALMOST the sail from the USS George Washington.

Even some kids were having fun.

Heading back to the hotel, Mac and Anne were enjoying the day, with Sam Hornreich sharing!


      page 3     

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