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Back at the hotel... Sam Hornreich on the right.

Jon Blomberg talks to Tory Matthews while Don Stephenson and Ger Cyrul check the picture for Lucy Ott.

Mike and Helen Eggleston grab drinks while Carol does more gabbing... probably long distance this time.

In the lobby, Dick's on the move while Angelo, John, Carol, Pat and Andy take it easy.

Angelo was so patient waiting for someone to tell a good sea story..

Mike Ward finds time to get wound up just a tad..

Al Yancy, Don and Mike get together in the Eagle Room.

Mike, Patti and Jonesy.

Rick McCann tells tales as Ben and Tory Matthews and Helen and Mark Smetanan listen on.

Some of the women find a quiet spot, Maureen Ward, Joan Duddy and Kris Yancy..

Cora Murphy and Cindy Sobkowski have a moment to enjoy.

While Jim Murphy and Mike Sobkowski enjoy their own.

Pat seems taken aback by Anne's comments while Patti listens in.

Nish, Abe, Sid, Car; and Doug enjoy a time in the lobby.

Mac, Angelo and Jim Gray discussing their love?

Karen and Ray get time with Mike And Jim.

Ray, Pat, Anne, Cora, Cindy and Mike caught in the moment.

Then it was time for a group picture.
Pat Murphy, James and Cora Murphy, Ray Wyatt and Mike Sobkowski in back,
Karen Wyatt, Patti Lynn, Cindy Sobkowski and Anne McConnell in front.

And then somebody said, "Who's up for a lobster dinner?"...

With a nice view and a setting sun, a bunch were ready for a hearty supper.

Faces shown, l-r, Mike, Carl and Marge, Abe, Andy and Carol

On left Maureen, Kris and Al, Nish and Sid, on right Mike, Joan and Mike..

Folks are getting hungry!  Far side: John and Joan Duddy and Mike Ward.
Near side: Al and Kris Yancy and Maureen Ward.

Even WWII guys can feel their tummies grumble!

Carl and Marge with Abe and Andy.

From top left, Jon, Mike and Helen, Charlie and Dot.

Jonesy, Pat, Lyle and Doug... at least they had something to nibble on...

Now THAT looks like so good eats! Doug and Jonesy look full...

With food in the belly, it's time to relax and enjoy!
Jon, Mike and Helen, Charlie and Dot and Carl.

Abe, Andy and Carol, with Jon at the head.

John and Joan Duddy, Mike and Maureen Ward, Kris and Al Yancy with Nish.

Back at the hotel, Mark, Ben, Ger, Mike and Don grab a table.

Don, Rich and Ray look over some pictures.

Rich and Ray enjoy a laugh.

Don and Becky Stephenson grab a snack.

Ger considers a point while Jim bolsters.

Mike Sobcowski, Rich DiBlasi, Rich and Peggy McCann.

Michael Kolaric, Ger, Helen and Mark... who shot who?

Mike and Don enjoy some photo memories

Ray visits the hospitality suite and talks with Don.

Also there was Lyle, Richard Jones, Doug and Tom.

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