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Saturday was the day for fun and frivality and also time for the folks to go out and see their ole
"haunts".   So much was different but many started getting their directions back and found
their respective "snake pits" as well as enjoying local attractions.

Here's Ben, Mark and Rich if front of their ole place!

Tory, Ben, Helen and Mark and Rich and Peggy heading out to visit the bark Charles W. Morgan
at Mystic Seaport.

Yep, she was up in dry dock.

Rich considers the best lumber for repairs?

Tory, Ben, Rich and Peggy share the wheel.

And just how many all found their way to Mystic Pizza?

And saw the mannequin of the star, Julia Roberts?

Some stopped by Groton's WWII memorial.

While Dick and Mike explored Fort Adams and quite a few battlements along the coast.

Even getting up close to those hefty cannon.

Including a visit to the Beavertall Lighthouse.

Then Saturday got closer to mid day and more and more folks were coming in for the Association meeting
and the reunion dinner.   Les Jacobi makes it... Karen Wyatt, Sam Hornreich, Les, Tom and Ray.

Whatever Sam is saying, Patti smells a tale being wound?.

Carl says he can top that...

Rich, Ben, Ger, Don and Mark are having fun!

Mike Ward and John Duddy grab a minute with Les.

At the Association meeting Robbie and Joan Roberts.

Mike Dobrolet and Dave Padora.

Sam, Don, Abe and Dick enjoy....

Rich and Roseann Diblasi with Tory .   They do clean up well.

back: Ger Cyrul, Mark Smetana, Rich DiBlasi, Ben Matthews, Rich McCann, Don Stephenson.
James Murphy and Mike Sobkowski.   front: Robbie Roberts, ?, Ray Wyatt and Sam McConnell.

Robbie escaped?

front: Jon Blomburg, ?, Dick Fiske, Mike Ward, Lyle Erickson, Al Yancy, Pat Murphy, Richard Jones,
Andy Elnicki, John Lynn  and Tom Stratton      front: Les Jacobi, ?, Sam Hornreich, Doug Riels, John Duddy

Ted and Claire Ansink.

Charles and Les Jacobi with Cora and James Murphy..

Doug Riels and Lyle Erickson.

Mike gets with Les and Claire.


Helen, Peggy, Rich and Tory are getting ready.

Cindy and Mike Sobkowski.

James and Cora Murphy.

Dave and Ann Marie Padora.



Mark and Helen Smetana.

Les and ?.

Jon Blomburg showing his wardrobe for the evening.

And it's secondary attribute!

?, ?, Helen and Mike Eggleston.

from bottom clockwise, John and Joan Duddy, ?, Andy and Carol Elnicki, Rich, Mark and
Roseann DiBlasi.

Patti and John are getting ready while Charles and Ray share a thought..

Helen Christiano, Moe and Jim Grey with Rod Lovdal and Norm Ferland..

?,?, Ann Marie and Dave Padora, Joan Roberts.

Mike and Cindy with ?

Norm Ferland with ?.

Ger, Helen, Peggy, Rich, Tory and Don.

Ted and Claire Ansink and Anne and Sam McConnell on the far side, Judy and Charles Mueller and
Tom Stratton on this side.

from bottom clockwise, Dot and Charlie Kennedy, Sue Cline, John Huszai, Doug Hoialmen,
Mike Parenteau, Maryann Ott..

Maryann, with Carl and Marge Weber.

Sam Hornreich, Patty and Richard Jones, Pat Murphy, Mike Ward, Mike Ward, Al Yancy,
Joan Duddy, Marueen Ward

Helen and Mike, Patti and John with Charles and Ray.

From bottom clockwise, Andy and Carol Elnicki, Roseann DiBlasi, ?, ? Mark Smetana,
Rich DiBlasi, Dick Fiske

Looking good Andy... smile Carol!.

John and Joan Duddy.

Patty Jones and Jonesy with Pat Murphy.

Karen Wyatt talks with Mike and ?,?.

Patti and John Lynn.

Angelo and Helen Christiano with Moe and Jim Grey.


Claire Ansink with Anne and Sam McConnell.

Judy Mueller, Ted and Claire.

Tom Stratton with Charles and Judy Mueller

Lucy Ott grabs Mike while Abe Kern starts to smile.

Abe Kern, Gaylord and Benjamas Humphries with Pat Fiske.

Sue and John.

John, Doug and Mike.

Mike contemplates while Carl talks with Maryann as Marge looks on.

Peggy Jones and hubby "Jonesy"

Pat Murphy, Mike Ward and Al Yancy.

Tory and Ben Matthews..

Sam McConnell, with Don and Yuko Basham.  (Sam never smiles!)

The Association gifted to Lucy Ott a montage of J.J. Ott and his mates (with signatures from this reunion).

Maryann and Lucy enjoy it!  A special pendant was also given to Maryann for her wonderful efforts..

A little clearer shot before the signatures.

A little clearer shot before the signatures.
A different angle.
Norm Ferland, Rod Lovdal, Abe Kern, John Huszai, Lucy Ott, Mike Brood Charlie Kennedy, Nishan
Derderian, Mike Parenteau, Sid Hoialmen, Maryann Ott and Carl Weber.

For their 39th anniversay, a special cake was presented to Dick and Pat Fiske..

The cake was secretly ordered with what "our group" would loving call our heartfelt feelings...

But they took it the right way...



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