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The 2010 Covington Reunion Dinner!

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Camera shots can be tough and "seem" to catch a "special moment, here's Sam and Merry Hornreich.

But in the next shot it's turned around... still a fun couple!

Kathy Erickson, with Vicki and Eric Sybeenga.

Merry with Lyle Erickson and Pat Murphy.

What a handful... Lyle, Pat, Sy and Doug Riels!

Lyle and Kathy.

Gerald Cyrul, Daryl Beiter, Mark and Helen Smetena with Ben and Tory Matthews.

Kris and Al Yancy.

Mike Ward and Patti Lynn.

Mike and Al listening to Pat try and weasel out of being the brunt of another joke?

Mac and Anne McConnell with John and Barbara Mosticone.

Edna and Robert Croft

Gordon (Gordie) McKibben ,Daryl Beiter, Tammy McKibben

Yuko and Don Basham with Ray and Karen Wyatt.

A nice shot of Yuko and Don.

Always a handsome couple, Ray and Karen. (now THEY Are double fisting it?)

Les and Diane Dionne.

Keith and Kent Gray with Les.

Ben and Tory Matthews.

Mark and Helen Smetena.

"Big Ger" with Mark and Helen.

Al and Kris having a moment.

Lyle and Kathy.

Doug and Brenda Riels.

Vicki and Sy.   A classic Sy pose.

Ray and Karen.

Keith, Maureen, Jim and Kent Gray.

Les and Diane.

Patti and Don.

Mike and Cindy Sobkowski.

Here's a sequence of shots... all that's desired is to get ONE shot of them not cracking up...
(What are the odds with this motley group?   Psst... Mac... the camera, remember?)
back row: Daryl Beiter, Roger Heck, Mark Smetena, Don Bacham, Al Yancy, Lyle Erickson, Pat Murphy.
Middle row: Gordon McKibben, Ben Matthews, Mike Sobkowshi, Gerald Cryul, John Mosticone, Mike Ward, Eric Sybeenga, John Mayes.
front row: Robert Croft, Ray Wyatt, Abe Kern, Sam McConnell, Sam Hornreich, Doug Riels, Jim Gray.

Announcements by Hornreich?

Alright guys, we are losing a few of you!

Honest guys, just one shot, ok?

This one was REAL close!

Ah hell, we knew it wasn't going to last...

But look... they ARE trying!

Oooo, we are ALMOST there...



Ah shit!

And the photographers who TRIED to capture the moment.

Some already KNEW it was not to be.

So the women got their turn... starting off with Ray Wyatt asking the woman in the dark blue dress to cross her legs.
(Please note Patti and Anne... it'll go down hill quickly from here.)
Back row: ?, Cindi Sobkowski, Tory Matthews, Helen Smetena, Maureen Gray, Anne McConnell, Merry Hornreich, Barb Mosticone, Brenda Riels,
Kathy Erickson and Vicki Sybeenga.
Front row: Angela Heck, Kris Yancy, Maureen Ward, Tammy McKibben, Patti Lynn, Karen Wyatt, Edna Croft, Yuko Basham, Diane Dionne.

Alright women, smile for the... Anne...Barb...Tory...Patti...!!!

Well, Anne's laughter IS infectious.

Oh hell, she's lost it... and there go the others.

Hey look, Anne is really trying for a recovery... any bets?

WOW... this is really good... look folks... QUICK!

Anne, Anne, Anne...

Is she recovering yet?

Nah, we didn't think so.

Finally, the moment of truth... oh hell, there goes Patti...

It's going... going...

Snatched from defeat... a recovery.

Folks... there it is... but weren't the others much more fun?

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